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Fire Within: Mendocino Series: Book One - Donetta Marie

Lily Larsen refuses to hide anymore. After a vicious assault left her emotionally and physically scarred, the strong-willed interior decorator has been living in fear that her attacker will find her and finish the job he set out to do over two years ago. But no more. Lily has returned home to Mendocino, California to begin a new chapter in her life and reclaim her independence. She knows danger still stalks her, but with the support of her family and friends—and a hot former Navy SEAL next door—she feels as safe as she’s ever been.

Ben Worthington comes from a long line of rich, successful men. He has everything he’s ever wanted, except for the right woman—one who won’t question his past and who can fulfill his need for a sexual submissive. Ben decides he must have the feisty, beautiful Lily, but on his own terms—as her protector in the daylight and her dominant in the bedroom.

Lily can’t resist the sexy and secretive Ben. But is she trading one kind of danger for another? As Ben and Lily collide in an erotic dance of dominance and submission, demons from their past come back to haunt them. Will their newfound feelings for each other survive Ben’s secrets and the violent shadows from Lily’s past?


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