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Captured Within: Mendocino Series: Book Four - Donetta Marie

There are only three reasons Alex Larsen fought to stay alive in his captivity: revenge for the murder of his wife, to hold his children in his arms again, and to find the mole in the naval department who set him up to be captured in Colombia, South America.

Once Alex escapes his imprisonment in Colombia, he quietly returns home to Mendocino, California to a family who thought he was dead.

As Alex regains his strength, during the day he focuses on building a new, a safe life for his children. At night, he helps his friend Jon continue the mole investigation. He struggles with PTSD and wants to control everything in his environment.

Alex wasn’t expecting a woman to enter his life or even pique his interest, but the stunning Elsie Strand is too irresistible. A lingering fear haunts her eyes, triggering his protective, dominant side.

The more Elsie and Alex spend time together, the more undeniable their sexual attraction is. But Alex learns Elsie is somehow connected to his investigation. How can he get Elsie to trust him enough to help with the investigation when she went to such great lengths to keep her daughter and herself hidden and safe?

As pieces of the investigation begin to come together, the stakes are raised ever higher. Alex will do anything to keep his children, Elsie, and her daughter safe.

The hunt is on to find the mole, and Alex won’t stop until he’s dead.


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