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Exposed Within: Mendocino Series: Book Six - Donetta Marie

Chase Worthington is a wealthy and powerful billionaire from a long family lineage in the oil industry. After one incident of being used by another woman almost destroys a business deal, Chase vows to never stay with one woman long enough to develop any feelings—until he meets Marie Santoro. Is that even her real name?

There is something about Marie that he can’t resist. Their deep, passionate connection ignites his soul, which is something that money can’t buy. Marie has him craving things he never thought he would want—a woman to settle down with and a family of his own.

Marie Santoro Cavier uses only her mother’s maiden name to help protect her identity and for her own safety. The vast wealth and properties that are connected to her father’s surname came at a high price years ago. Trust is difficult ever since her sister was killed, but Chase slowly changes that for her. But will Chase stick around once he learns the truth about the blood on her hands … all because she had trusted the wrong person years ago?

When Marie’s true identity is revealed, will their insatiable attraction and love for each other be enough to keep them together or will it force them apart? And when tragedy strikes, will it bring them closer? Or will Marie’s guilt over her sister’s murder keep an invisible wall between them that Chase can never break in reaching for the one thing he wants—her heart.

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