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Recaptured Within: Mendocino Series: Book Five - Donetta Marie

Nothing is as it seems. So many chest pieces—even unexpected ones—play an important part in keeping them all alive. Is it possible that Alex Larsen hadn’t drugged her? Instead, could it be his comrade in arms and friend, Jon, who had? It is difficult for Elsie to tell in her moment of panic when she thought Scorzi found her. And a ghost from her past, who had put her on the path of a sick, evil man, is alive? Elsie Strand struggles to trust Alex, a retired Navy SEAL, with her heart—a man capable of keeping her daughter, Keira, and herself alive. Facing the reality of her dire circumstances, which she has no control over, Elsie makes her demands to Alex clear—she wants more from him. Elsie wants Alex to trust her with his heart … his past, present, and future. Is that something Alex can give her? Two calculating, dangerous men have set their sights on them—one, a mole in the naval department who wants Alex dead, and the other, a man biding his time to strike at Elsie to retrieve copied accounts of his illegal businesses given to her for safekeeping by her ex-fiancé, Lucas, before being gunned down. But there are two things Elsie is certain of. First, she loves Alex and would do almost anything to keep him alive and in her life, and second, she’s ready to face the devil and kill him, too … or die trying … in order to protect her daughter from being sold into the underbelly of the sex trafficking world. For Elsie, it’s do or die!


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