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Shattered Within: Mendocino Series: Book Two - Donetta Marie

Secrets are powerful, deceptive, and can run so deep, they can trap a person in their own personal hell, destroying you and everyone else around you—especially the one person you love the most.Sexy, ruthless billionaire, Ben Worthington, will stop at nothing to protect Lily, including shielding her from his secret.Lily’s near-death experience triggers Ben’s nightmares of his secretive past, and there is something about Lily’s stalker she’s not telling him. How can he fight a force he doesn’t fully understand?Lily Larsen reevaluates the safety and emotional cost of her siblings with her latest brush with a madman who wants her dead. Lily trusts Ben to keep her safe, but it’s her heart she’s risking.How can she ask Ben to share his secret when she’s hiding a truth from her past? To have Ben completely, she’ll have to put her secret on the line and brave whatever Ben reveals, no matter how shattering it may be.Ben learns the true depth of danger Lily is in, but claiming her heart isn’t as easy.Ben finally comes to terms and tells Lily his dismal secret. Would she forgive him and stay? Can he ever forgive himself?


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