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Bound Within: Mendocino Series: Book Three - Donetta Marie

Proud billionaire and former Navy SEAL, Ben Worthington, is a man who always gets what he wants. But not this time. His worst fear came to light—Lily left him. His world turned upside, bringing him to his knees.Lily’s promises of never leaving him were empty ones. He should’ve known Lily couldn’t handle the truth about his involvement in her brother Alex’s accidental death. Now his shattered heart is paying the price.But everything is not always what it seems. Could Alex be alive?As hope blossoms, Ben goes after Lily to bring her home where she belongs—with him. But first, he negotiates the most important contract of his life with her. Will she accept?Strong-willed Lily Larsen realizes she’s made a terrible mistake, judging Ben for the accidental death of her brother and leaving him, causing irreparable damage.Enough was enough. Determined to remove Casey’s threat on her life once and for all—no matter how high the cost—Lily refuses to go down without a fight. Nothing will stand in her way to protect her future happiness with Ben.But Lily’s worst fear comes to light—a sibling’s life is at stake. And worse, will Ben see another day—alive?

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Carlos Giana
Carlos Giana
Feb 02, 2022

Great! An exciting read for sure!! 😍

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